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Set ups:

Restring, diagnostics, truss rod adjustment/neck relief, clean and tighten/adjust hardware, oil/polish fretboard, smooth sharp fret ends, clean and polish frets, intonation, string radius and action, balancing tremolo, nut slots, clean electrical components, pick up balancing and general clean and polish.

Acoustic Guitars:  £55 excl strings

Electric Guitars:   £65 excl strings

Classical Guitars: £55 excl strings

12 String Guitars: £60 excl strings

Locking tremolos: £75 excl strings




Two things that incur alot of wear and tear - your frets and the nut. Keeping them in good shape can be the difference between an unplayable guitar and a guitar you can't put down.

New Nut ( bone ):        From  £50

New Nut incl set up:  From  £75

Fret dress:                 From  £95

Re-Fret (unbound):     From  £200

                 (bound):     From  £300



One of the most common ailments affecting vintage guitar playability is years of string tension causing the body to roll thus altering the neck angle. This causes a high string action, making the instrument difficult to fret and a sharpened intonation. The remedy is a neck reset, which requires removing the neck, and then reseting it at the correct angle just like the day it left the factory.

Most other structural issues are a result of accidents and failed glue joints like headstock breaks, loose braces and lifting bridges.

Neck Reset:           From £350

Headstock break: From £80

Loose Brace:         From £40

Lifting Bridge:     From £50

Body Cracks:        From £40 



Switches and pots consist of movable parts and will inevitably wear out. Bad solder joints will fail and general dirt and sweat will corrode pick ups coils. Always a good idea to get these things seen to before a big gig. Most guitars are not sufficiently shielded from todays interference from lights, screens and other appliances. This is always a worthy upgrade!

Diagnostics and repair:      From £20 + parts

Pot replacement:                From £25

Switch replacement:          From £35

Jack input replacement:     from £25

Shielding:                                    £60

New wiring harness:          from £60


Pick ups:

We see a lot of old great sounding pick ups go down, usually due to corrosion. Luckily these can be re-wound and go on to live another day. Pick ups are also a great way to upgrade your instrument and get closer to the sound you're after.

Acoustic pick ups have also come a long way. Modern piezo systems are discrete and a good way to get your favourite old flat-top singing through a P.A whilst not disturbing the vintage integrity of the instrument.

Re-wind: From                   £40

Installation-         One:     £30                                             

                              Two:     £40

                              Three:  £45

Acoustic system:   From    £40

Cavities Routing   From    £50

Active systems:     From    £50



All prices displayed are set as a guide only. each quote is priced on a one to one basis subject to evaluation of the work to be undertaken.